The Architecture and The City festival, presented by AIA San Francisco and Center for Architecture + Design, offers engaging and informative events about architecture and design topics throughout September. WDA’s Tandice Jali recently attended a festival event, “The Designer and the Chef,” at Heath Ceramics’ San Francisco Showroom. A panel of designers, chefs, restaurateurs, and vinters discussed the intertwined relationships of their roles as they craft spaces into restaurants. In the past, chefs themselves had less involvement in the design process of their restaurants. Yet more recently, their voices have been heard and have impacted the design of spaces where they craft their food.

The panel discussed the variety of elements to consider when designing a restaurant. Unlike other spaces, restaurant design incorporates the viewpoints of not only the chefs, but the owners, wait staff, and customers. Designers must reach deep into their imaginations to create ideal spaces that incorporate food, price, theme, and scale to convey the essence of the restaurant concept. The coordination of this process can be challenging. In recent years, many kitchens have been centralized. Open kitchens also allow chefs to better connect with diners, creating a relationship which enhances the dining experience of customers. A designer also must consider atmosphere and ambiance, which can make-or-break a restaurant. Building lasting memories in customers is something that each and every restaurant should strive for as a means of success, as it enhances brand and loyalty. Overall for Tandice, this event shed light upon the important relationship between designers and chefs in creating the perfect dining experience.

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Photography Credits
1st image: ©Lucas Fladzinski
2nd image: ©Eric Rorer

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