Recently, our very own Michelle Liu was a guest speaker in the professional practice class at The Academy of Art University. This class was taught by Paul Adamson, Michelle’s colleague at her former firm, Hornberger + Worstell, Inc. For her presentation, Michelle discussed a book that she crafted during her IDP (Intern Development Program), which is a required step in obtaining an architect license. Michelle’s IDP book documents the lessons learned in the different phases of a specific project she worked on at Hornberger + Worstell, Inc. This process is long and challenging; it can take up to 3 or more years to complete the hours for IDP. However, it’s an important step that helps young designers understand the totality of how a project is envisioned, crafted, and completed.

Michelle hopes the students she talked with will use IDP to their advantage, as she feels her IDP was an important learning experience that furthered her career. Through IDP, Michelle learned to ask for exposure to a range of phases per project. The resulting lessons she learned were key to her professional development as an architect.

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