Canstruction is a national charity that brings together the Architecture/Engineering/Construction community in the spirit of competition and giving back. This year we partnered with Jeff King & Company and Mosswood Engineering to raise money for the SF-Marin Food Bank as part of San Francisco Canstruction. Inspired by this year’s theme “AmeriCAN Grown,” we built a 7’ tall space shuttle to celebrate our country’s continued passion for exploring new frontiers in space. From Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon to NASA astronauts to Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches, this curiosity and ingenuity is the heart of the American spirit.

We started our “Mission CANtrol” design by selecting cans with boldly-colored labels, and then scanned and modeled them in 3-D with Revit software. This became the template for our built structure. Multiple layers of cans are leveled on 1/4” plywood supports, providing structure for the shuttle body, external tank, and rocket booster with surrounding flames. The cans we selected provide a well-balanced meal while representing America’s agricultural diversity. The exterior exhaust flames are built from canned fruit, with vegetables supporting the center booster. White corn and Contadina tomato sauce make up the space shuttle body and fuel tank.

To help meet the event’s $2,500 fundraising participation requirement, we held a guest bartending event at Soda Popinski’s. There, WDA Principals William Duff and Jim Westover, along with principals from Jeff King & Co. and Mosswood Engineering, poured drinks for donations. In total, we raised over $3,000. The SF-Marin Food Bank then multiplied every dollar donated six-fold, distributing $6 worth of food, for a total value of $18,000.

In addition to helping our community, we are proud to have earned the Award for Structural Ingenuity. With multiple cantilevers, a well-balanced mix of fruits and veggies, and rocket fueled community spirit – our Mission CANtrol space vessel is truly AmeriCAN grown!

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