We’re pleased to announce the promotion of Gustavo Bermudez to Job Captain. In his new role, Gustavo’s growing skill set will continue to benefit our dynamic Residential Practice.

“In the short amount of time Gustavo has been with WDA, his design and leadership skills have really stood out. He always has a good attitude, is dedicated to his work and we look forward to watching him grow,” said Residential Practice Manager Jim Westover.

Some of Gustavo’s new responsibilities will include mentoring junior staff, coordinating multiple projects, managing permitting and agency approvals, attending site visits and collaborating with internal team members and consultants.

“Being fortunate to join a firm that cares about its employees’ professional development has allowed me to grow not only as a designer but as an individual,” said Bermudez. “Having the opportunity to interact with consultants, clients, and contractors under the guidance of experienced Project Managers has allowed for my confidence to increase while still being grounded. I look forward to continue growing with WDA and helping the firm flourish.”

Learn more about Gustavo on our PEOPLE page.

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