Office Insight magazine recently explored the airport experience as an emerging frontier in American hospitality. They chatted with our founder, William Duff, and Retail Practice Leader, Jonathan Tsurui, about their 15 years of hospitality design in the evolving airport environment.

William spoke about how airports responded to increased security since 9/11, and resulting time delays, by improving the passenger experience and making airports destinations in themselves. William has seen those changes and come to know what’s required; he spoke about the role being “to help our clients create backdrops for their ever-changing needs”.

Jonathan also highlighted how passengers, are pressed for time which makes designing the layout important. “We want to make the experience of interacting with amenities as seamless as possible,” he said.

The piece highlights our recently completed projects at SFO, including British Airways lounge, Boudin Bakery and Green Beans Coffee. Please note, subscription is required for full access to the article.

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British Airways Futures Lounge

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