Article by: Neil Ginty, WDA

The abrupt change to life necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic has been demanding for everyone. While construction has largely halted in California, innovative design has continued at WDA thanks to forward planning, promotion of modern technology and the positivity of our team who rose to the challenge of remote working. We asked three of our team members for their reflections on what’s helping us maintain a positive outlook, and how we are continuing to serve our clients today. For their complete answers, please visit the #wfhlife highlight on our Instagram page.

Faith for the Future

Our founder, William Duff, cites his faith in society’s determined response to the pandemic as his go-to resource in maintaining a positive outlook as business leader. “It’s faith in what we can do as a group, as a community, as a country, as a world to tackle this,” he said.

He also spoke about how we, as a firm, could use the focus on our work, and reward from it, as a mechanism to get through this, and was confident that “we would be better on the other side.”

Planning Ahead

We managed to mitigate the crisis as well as possible through the forward thinking and diligent communication of our Director of Operations, Phoebe Lam.

“When we first got a sense that this was going to be serious, we decided we would attack it and have a plan in place,” she said. “If we didn’t use it, great, but if we did then at least we had a plan.”

That plan involved filling the gaps in our technology so that everyone could be set up to work remotely. Importantly, it also involved providing regular information to staff so that they were also ready.

Technological Tools

Staying current with technology really helped make us resilient to the remote working shift. Our Digital Technology Strategic Initiative leader, Dustin Foster, described how WDA managed to stay fully operational by capitalizing on our existing suite of tools.

These included task tracking software, virtual meeting platforms and, most excitingly, the 360-3D video camera. A resource which “allows us to provide access to the jobs site so that we can engage virtually with the team, the contractors and most importantly the clients,” he said.

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