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“The current pandemic has changed the way of operating. It is a time that calls for quick thinking, rapid turn around and trying out new ideas. We created SPRINT to serve that need,” said Founder William Duff.

Launched in September, SPRINT is a quick-turnaround program with a finite fee of $3,000 for our retail and commercial clients. Services include accessible design-based, decision-making tools — such as return to operations, due diligence and feasibility studies, as well as design concepts and visualizations.

We see this program providing our clients with a vision on how to move forward in a quick and affordable way. “We can help them see beyond today, looking down the road at what is possible and how it can be accomplished. And we get them those answers, fast – in days, not weeks or months. This enables our clients to quickly try out multiple ideas to find the best solutions,” mentions William.

We sat down with our team leaders recently to see how our efforts are going with SPRINT.




How is it working so far?

“It’s working great! Clients love the speed and how it’s tailored to their needs,” said Retail Practice Leader Jonathan Tsurui. “The program has been used on several retail studies for test fits, project scheduling and code reviews, but the options are limitless.”

Can you give us an example?

One retail client, a start-up entrepreneur who needed to expand their space quickly, used SPRINT to study the feasibility of taking over adjacent spaces. With SPRINT we were able to quickly give them a timeline for permitting, preliminary test fits and code analysis. Because local jurisdictions are taking longer to process permits due to the pandemic, our client decided to change their scope. “The SPRINT exercise gave them answers quickly, so they could understand what’s possible in the timeline they needed,” said Jonathan. “Their team was impressed with the pace and how, because of our experience, we knew the right questions to ask to get them the answers they needed,” Director of Business Development and Marketing Sarah Mergy added.

These first few test cases have shown SPRINT is effective in giving our clients the road map they need to launch their ideas. The quick turnaround and finite cost remove some of the barriers to start new projects during the current climate. Project Manager Chris Telles adds, “SPRINT is a very efficient way to get ideas out quickly. We can use it in multiple ways to help our clients.”




Why is now a good time to start a project?

We understand the challenges people are facing during this time,” notes Commercial Practice Leader David K. Plotkin. By making design-based solutions more approachable through SPRINT, we are able to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate this period successfully.”  William adds, “the economy will recover, and those that are best positioned for that recovery will be the ones that thrive.”



William Duff, AIA, LEED AP; David K. Plotkin, AIA, LEED AP; Jonathan Tsurui; Chris Telles, Architect; Sarah Mergy; Wendy Osaki; Brenna Daugherty

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