Throughout May, one practice leader took over WDA’s Instagram account each week. They shared images of their process, talked about what inspires them and drives their practice, and what Design for a Modern World means to them. Read on to see what they had to say and be sure to follow us on Instagram for a complete look at each of their takeovers and to stay up to date on all things WDA.



Jonathan Tsurui, Retail Practice Leader

For our retail practice, Design for a Modern World means innovative, fresh design that remains conscious of the client’s end goal – providing great customer service. Customer service is a timeless priority at the heart of retail design. We approach our work with that always in mind and believe that great design transcends trend, and requires practical solutions that address clients’ needs to help them better serve their customers.



David Plotkin, Commercial Practice Leader

For our commercial practice, Design for a Modern World means rejuvenating existing buildings to evolve for today’s & tomorrow’s society. Older buildings can adapt to our modern lifestyles. Adaptive reuse projects can reduce costs and embodied carbon while fostering place-making, character and community. In the context of the climate crisis, adaptive reuse is a strategy and commitment to sustainability, which aligns with WDA’s core values. Successful adaptive reuse projects result from clients, cities and the design community working together. Adaptive reuse is design for a modern world.



Jim Westover, Residential Practice Leader

From a residential design perspective, Design for a Modern World means leveraging modern technology, materials, and sustainability practices to respond directly to our clients’ needs and lifestyles while exceeding their imagination. We consistently aim to create a unique sense of place for them with a deep connection to the site and nature, and a timeless aesthetic, all delivered through excellent project management.



William Duff, Jr., Founder & Managing Principal

At WDA, we focus on modern, timeless design, which for us means creatively meeting our clients’ goals in a way that isn’t trendy but instead grounded in the fundamental elements of architecture viewed through a contemporary lens. Great architectural design is created with quality, thoughtfulness and a universal connectedness – while inherently a record of the time it’s made, when done well its relevance and function lasts well into the future.

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