Metal Construction News featured William Duff in their article Construction and COVID-19: Adaptation, Action and Aftermath. One of three architects included, William touched on everything from facing challenges to pivoting and lessons learned.

This is a summary of an interview by Mark Robins of Metal Construction News.

‘While the COVID-19 crisis turned the working world upside-down, employers demonstrated remarkable resilience. As businesses re-enter the market and vaccinations increase, we look at how construction companies [and architects] adapted, what they learned, and what policies and procedures they’ll take with them into the future.

How did companies adapt to the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 brought?

“Initially it was a shock, but then very quickly we pivoted to remote work. In addition to setting our team up to work from home, we provided them with an allowance to better adapt their space if needed. We started utilizing technology that allowed us to collaborate remotely more frequently and adopted new ones, like digital whiteboarding and Bluebeam Studio. One of the lessons I learned is that you can never be overprepared for unanticipated challenges. But if you face those challenges and make those decisions in accordance with your values and culture, things will work out in the long run, and you will be doing the best possible service to your community: internally and externally,” said William Duff, founder and managing principal, William Duff Architects (WDA).”’

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