Luxe Magazine featured our project Big Ranch Road in their national section titled Living – The Report. Focused on the luxury of light, the article is fitting for Big Ranch. As William Duff notes, “The very essence of this project was about exploring the play of light.”

This is a summary of the article written by Grace Beuley Hunt for Luxe Magazine:

‘“The first time I walked the existing barn, I was struck by the way sunlight filtered through the gaps in the wood siding and thought that light, and the different ways it can illuminate space, could be the guiding design theme for the project,” [William] explains. In turn, the original wood-slatted shell was maintained as a screen to splash abstract patterns across the floor by daylight.

… the project perfectly synthesizes how artificial and natural light, along with clever visual illusion, can elevate a humble structure to something extraordinary.’

Read more on page 3 here.

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