AECbytes, a technology publication for the building industry, shares William Duff Architects’ perspective on AEC technology in their firm profiles. The article discusses WDA’s current tools, wish list for the future, technology challenges and more.

This is a summary of the article written by Wendy Osaki of WDA and edited by Dr. Lachmi Khemlani of AECbytes.

What is the history and background of the firm?

William Duff founded William Duff Architects in 1998 with the complementary goals of creating innovative architecture that makes the world a better place and cultivating an environment that promotes learning and growth. From the very beginning of the practice, technology has played a key role. We’ve developed a culture that supports the adoption of new technologies more readily and more easily because we’re very open to the new ideas and contributions of our staff at all levels. Often, it’s our youngest staff — the newest into the profession — who have the most cutting-edge understanding of what technologies are available. We give them an active role in engaging and promoting and adopting new technology.

What is the firm’s approach and/or philosophy to AEC technology?

As our firm grew, we developed a way to bring in more perspectives on how technology could inform our practice. We created a Strategic Initiative (SI) group around technology to help source and implement new ideas. This group grows and evolves over time and can continuously include new members of the firm. It provides an opportunity for people who have an interest in technology or an aptitude to contribute in a larger way than they would otherwise be able to.”

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