It’s World Book Day and we’re looking at one of our firm favorites, Design Vision – which in fairness, is much more of a tool, in book form.

The concept for Design Vision, as a book, was conceived in 2015 with a simple idea. “I wanted to empower everyone in the firm to spread their wings, design-wise” William Duff said, “And to contribute more of themselves to our designs and our design process. But how do we do that in a coherent and focused fashion?”

Over the course of five years, William Duff and members of the firm worked to hone this tool. We looked to formulate design solutions to the obstacles and opportunities posed in any aspect of our work. We distilled our ideas down to four guiding intrinsic principles and their component design elements.



Ordering Principles

The arrangement of disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern or method.  A key component element is “Celebrating the Object.” Video here.



Spatial Qualities

The attributes associated with, and the perception of, a volume or space.   A key corresponding principle is “Articulation.” Video here.



Design Sensitivity

The care with which a design connects to a specific context.  A key corresponding principal is “Restraint.” Video here.




The quality or character of materials.  A key corresponding principle is “Texture.” Video here.

William Duff remarks “We’re finding that this book has enabled us to tap into a much broader pool of creativity, resulting is a fantastic set of work.” This is our first edition of Design Vision and we have plans for its continued evolution informed by new information, fresh views and approaches, attitudes and impressions.

If you’d like your own copy, come work for us (we’re hiring!) Or reach out and let’s start a conversation about your project’s design vision.­

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