Japanese magazine California Style featured our project, Dolores Charmer, in their article, “California Cool.” Author Yusuke Makino describes the project and how our firm kept client comfort and living front-of-mind throughout the design process.

This is a translation of the article:

‘Most of the many Victorian houses that have been built in the San Francisco area have been remodeled into buildings that fit the current lifestyle. In the former Victorian house introduced here, the fa├žade facing the front road strongly retains the image of the early 20th century, but the inside and the backyard side are completely different houses.

The house, which was originally a two-story building, has been carved deeper into the basement, and although it is not visible from the front side, it has been greatly remodeled into a shape that connects to the yard as the first floor when viewed from the back yard side.

Furthermore, in this house, an extended patio was added on the yard side of the first floor entered from the front, expanding the actual living space to a very large one.

What is comfortable for the residents? What can be done with current technology? What is the appropriate flow line in daily life? This architect always strives to create architectural designs that place the utmost importance on the comfort of the people who live there. The successful remodeled house that focuses on that is proposing the comfort of a retrofit house where house owner can spend every days comfortably.’

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