Eureka Lighting, the lighting designer we collaborated with for our workplace project, Ireland House, recently featured the project on their website and discussed lighting choices with our Commercial practice leader, David Plotkin. This is a summary of the article.

‘Ireland House is the amalgamation of three Irish government agencies under one roof in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The Irish government hired William Duff Architects, Inc. (WDA) with a unique challenge: design a space representing each agency’s individuality and character while creating unifying elements that bring them together.

“We wanted to celebrate the openness and volume of the space,” said David K. Plotkin, principal in charge and acting project manager for Ireland House. “But at the same time, we wanted to use the lighting as wayfinding and to center people’s focus as they move through the open space.”



The large-format Mute luminaires, at 32” in diameter, serve multiple roles in the space.

“We fell in love with its form and texture,” Plotkin said. “This is a beautifully shaped fixture, and the scale was appropriate for these open spaces. And equally important, we could use the luminaire to express each department’s identity and the overall design intent.”

“Our team is really pleased with the quality of light and the quality of the luminaire itself,” said Plotkin. We believe Mute was an excellent match for the space and design aesthetic.” ‘

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