Written by Neil Ginty, Architect and Sarah Mergy The City of South San Francisco identified a need for an underserved community and found a solution within a vacant bank building and an architect who shared the vision. Where it all began: The Economic Advancement Center (EAC) was born out of… Read more

Written by Neil Ginty, Architect One of the truisms in design is that creativity loves constraints and a challenge. What happens, then, on an open landscape when those constraints are much less obvious?     A rural, untouched site presents the blankest of canvases on which an architect, together with… Read more

    It’s World Book Day and we’re looking at one of our firm favorites, Design Vision – which in fairness, is much more of a tool, in book form. The concept for Design Vision, as a book, was conceived in 2015 with a simple idea. “I wanted to empower… Read more

Written by Neil Ginty, Architect As any camping enthusiast lured by the great outdoors knows, there is a duty to leave no trace. That is challenging with a permanent structure but the principle of harmony with nature and touching the ground lightly is an apt prompt towards the type of… Read more

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Written by Wendy Osaki   Over the culmination of a five-year effort, we created a working tool to empower our team to individually express their ideas within the framework of a cohesive design vision. Composed of multiple principles, this tool took shape in the form of a book called Design… Read more

Throughout May, one practice leader took over WDA’s Instagram account each week. They shared images of their process, talked about what inspires them and drives their practice, and what Design for a Modern World means to them. Read on to see what they had to say and be sure to… Read more

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Written by Neil Ginty, Architect Creating an environment that is at once safe, healthy, productive, and relaxing will be a key driver in residential design for 2021. Spending the past year cooped up has given homeowners the opportunity to think about how their living environment could better fulfill their needs,… Read more