Our Residential Practice team recently attended a panel discussion at the Shading by Via showroom. The panel’s title, “The Designer, The Architect, The Contractor, The Shading Expert & The Integrator,” initially sounded like a lead-in to an off-color industry joke. But we were happy to find experts from Kendall Wilkinson… Read more

Discussions of “sustainability” in architecture and construction often focus on materials and energy use. These performance measures relate to the environmental costs of constructing and maintaining a building. Unfortunately, the performance of the structural system, the skeleton of a building, is often not considered as a critical item in the… Read more

August means soaking up the sun, lounging beneath shady trees, joining family and friends for backyard parties, or splashing in the pool before the days grow shorter and cooler. It’s a great month to reflect on the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, cultivated in California, that’s become increasingly popular throughout the country. One… Read more

Cabin Fever, a competition hosted by Barker O’Donoghue Master Builders, provides architects the freedom to design with minimal limitations. Dual classes of the competition challenged participating teams to tackle two types of structures: the off-the-grid cabin, called the “DNA Cabin,” and the emergency shelter, dubbed “The Transitional Housing Module.” Teams… Read more