Article by: Neil Ginty, WDA The abrupt change to life necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic has been demanding for everyone. While construction has largely halted in California, innovative design has continued at WDA thanks to forward planning, promotion of modern technology and the positivity of our team who rose to… Read more

Last (but not least!), we’re featuring Steve Lawler, Director of Architecture at BCCI Construction Co. in our series of interviews with construction industry experts who have landed coveted spots on San Francisco Business Times’ “Best Places to Work” list. Check out his Q&A below, and we’ll see you at AIA… Read more

Who does a people-centered work culture benefit? Everyone! The San Francisco Business Times’ “Best Places to Work” list honors those companies who put employee satisfaction at the center of what they do. The construction industry is among those who practice this best, so we asked Fran O’Sullivan, Vice President &… Read more

The San Francisco Business Times’ “Best Places to Work” list is comprised of companies that uphold a people-centered culture and understand how it can have a positive impact on employees and clients alike. We asked Jon-Michael Johnson, founder & CFO of Principal Builders, a few questions about his background in… Read more

Airport concessions is a growing industry that gives local retailers and restaurants an opportunity to showcase their brands to an array of passengers from across the country and around the world. Over the past decade, WDA’s Retail Practice has developed an expertise bringing projects to life in our local airports,… Read more

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Our Director of Operations, Phoebe Lam, was honored to be featured in conversation with Catherine Meng, architect at DLR Group | Kwan Henmi and host of the Design Voice Podcast. In this episode Phoebe talks about how she made the transition from project management into an operations role, and how… Read more

As we turned the calendar forward to 2019, we asked WDA Founder and Managing Principal William Duff for his reflections on WDA’s 20th Anniversary in 2018: Duff still remembers the nervous excitement he felt when he opened his own firm in 1998. His first “office” was a room in his… Read more

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This year’s AIASF Small Firms, Great Projects features our founder William Duff’s insight into the architectural profession. Read on to view our own extended William Duff interview covering his thoughts on architecture, technology, and even the lessons he learned as an Eagle Scout. What lessons did you learn as an… Read more

In our continuous quest for a happy, effective workplace, our team took the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment this summer. Results from the DiSC survey are designed to help people understand themselves and how to work with others better. And we scored a big fat “C!” As mediocre as this may… Read more

We’re pleased to congratulate Sheldon Eaton on earning his California Architect License and LEED certificate. Just four years out of school, Sheldon reached both of these career milestones very quickly, and has a few suggestions for designers who are studying for their exams: WDA: How long did it take for… Read more