Our Residential Practice team recently attended a panel discussion at the Shading by Via showroom. The panel’s title, “The Designer, The Architect, The Contractor, The Shading Expert & The Integrator,” initially sounded like a lead-in to an off-color industry joke. But we were happy to find experts from Kendall Wilkinson… Read more

Discussions of “sustainability” in architecture and construction often focus on materials and energy use. These performance measures relate to the environmental costs of constructing and maintaining a building. Unfortunately, the performance of the structural system, the skeleton of a building, is often not considered as a critical item in the… Read more

Tonight we are proud to announce Chuck Fell, the first speaker in the William Duff Architects Guest Speakers Series 2015 in the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University. Our Principal and Founder, William Duff, received his Masters of Science in Construction Management from Colorado State University, and proudly… Read more

December is a month of holidays and giving. So we’re pleased to have a chance this month to highlight di Rosa, a unique place started in the spirit of community and imbued with a sense of wonder.   Situated on over 200 acres of idyllic Napa landscape, di Rosa houses… Read more

I recently spoke at a Professional Practice class for undergraduate architecture students at the Academy of Art University.  My former colleague Paul Adamson, the professor, has been developing the class curriculum, which includes office visits, guest speakers, exam and internship preparation, and advice on beginning a career in architecture. He invited me to discuss… Read more

We can’t think of a better topic for this month’s Back to School theme than a subject near and dear to our hearts, and something we’d like to see brought back to every school: the arts. Architecture melds art, science, engineering, math, writing, history, and drawing. So architects inherently understand… Read more

August means soaking up the sun, lounging beneath shady trees, joining family and friends for backyard parties, or splashing in the pool before the days grow shorter and cooler. It’s a great month to reflect on the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, cultivated in California, that’s become increasingly popular throughout the country. One… Read more

Batter up! Even in foggy San Francisco, softball is one of the highlights of the summer. For several years, William Duff Architects has proudly sponsored a team in the San Francisco Architects/Engineers/Contractors Softball League (SFAECSL). This year, WDA’s team is led by steadfast captain Michelle Liu, and bolstered by the… Read more

We’re delighted to reflect on our long history with our June social media partner, the Good Food Guys. Entrepreneurs Andrew Swallow and David Silverglide’s venture, Good Food Guys, is on the verge of opening its 10th restaurant. With locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and upcoming in San Jose, they’re… Read more

For several years, WDA has hired talented summer externs who are interested in pursuing architectural careers. This week, we are pleased to welcome back Desi Petkova, who has just finished her sophomore year at Columbia University. She recently declared a double major in Architecture and Spanish. We’re looking forward to… Read more

Michelle Liu is a big picture thinker who combines curiosity and creativity in service of her community. She believes she was always meant to be an architect. Her early memories include constructing stained glass windows with black glue and colorful paints. Michelle’s childhood also inspired her imagination and interest in… Read more

Petchitecture is the annual gala fundraiser for PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support), a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to help keep people and pets together. The PAWS mission is to ensure that illness or age never separates people from the unconditional love of their pets. For the past… Read more