AD PRO by Architectural Digest asked Jim Westover, Principal and Residential Practice Leader at William Duff Architects, to weigh in on the seven requests clients are expected to make post COVID-19. This is a summary of an article by Danine Alati for AD PRO. Clearly defined spaces “How do you… Read more

Office Snapshots highlights our office design for Obscura Digital, now part of Madison Square Garden Company. This is a summary of an article for Office Snapshots. ‘William Duff Architects (WDA) unearths the old to create something new along San Francisco’s iconic waterfront for Obscura Digital, now part of Madison Square… Read more

Article by Neil Ginty, WDA While these lockdowns have made many of us realize that working from home is feasible, being stuck in the house so long has probably solidified for homeowners where their homes are falling short. Even when the coronavirus restrictions are lifted many are expecting remote working… Read more

Article by Neil Ginty, WDA While some initially heralded the decline of the traditional workplace due to the sudden surge in people relocating to their homes because of the coronavirus, this great remote working experiment has found that most people are feeling “overworked, stressed and eager to get back to… Read more

Article by Neil Ginty, WDA The San Francisco Business Times’ Best Places to Work list did not feature any architecture firms for the past two years, but we can proudly say that we placed #11 on the smallest companies list this year, and are the only architecture firm on the… Read more

Article by Neil Ginty, WDA Homeowners thinking of remodeling this Earth Day can start their project with a sound environmental and social conscience, while potentially making major tax savings, by sparing those old parts of their home from landfill and recycling them through a process of deconstruction. Deconstruction is the… Read more

Article by Neil Ginty, WDA The emerging consensus for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is the need for a transition back to “normality.” That transition should see a gradual reopening of society with restaurants expected to return early with music festivals and ballparks likely taking longer. Here at WDA, we… Read more

Article by: Neil Ginty, WDA The abrupt change to life necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic has been demanding for everyone. While construction has largely halted in California, innovative design has continued at WDA thanks to forward planning, promotion of modern technology and the positivity of our team who rose to… Read more

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Our “classy development of the British Airways lounge” was the feature project when Hospitality Snapshots namechecked our catalog of past and future retail design projects for iconic brands and local enterprise at San Francisco International Airport. The piece describes our history of delivering to fast-paced schedules and navigating the challenges… Read more

As we shelter-in-place, it’s a great time to brush up on leadership skills and work on staying connected with your team. Panelists from our event at AIASF, Building a People-Based Practice: Lessons from the Construction Industry, recommended several books for achieving just that! A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink Built… Read more

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Office Insight magazine recently explored the airport experience as an emerging frontier in American hospitality. They chatted with our founder, William Duff, and Retail Practice Leader, Jonathan Tsurui, about their 15 years of hospitality design in the evolving airport environment. William spoke about how airports responded to increased security since… Read more