HSA – 1235 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

This project, located in Western SOMA, involved the renovation of the first floor of an historic shell building owned by the San Francisco Unified School District to improve the quality of interaction between Human Services Agency (HSA) employees and the public. The completed project maximized customer interface and flow by eliminating barriers and opening the floor-plan of the lobby and waiting area, made the information desk and meeting areas more approachable, simplified the lines and finishes of the spaces, increased natural light and added a warm material palette to create a more welcoming space. Durable materials that are easier to maintain were also chosen. The renovated space is more comfortable for visitors and more functional for staff.

Renovation improves client interactions and flow

Based on our success with the HSA renovation, the San Francisco Unified School District, in collaboration with its tenant HSA, hired our firm to complete a design for core and shell improvements to this historic building’s non-public spaces. Redesigned improvements include life safety upgrades to elevator, stairways, hallways, and office spaces currently occupied by tenant HSA.