Tycoon Kitchen
San Francisco, CA - Salesforce Transit Center

Located in Salesforce Tower at 687 sq. ft., Tycoon Kitchen is small but seemingly spacious. We limited the number of partitions in the restaurant to make it feel as open as possible. Glass walls surrounding the space on three sides extend the perceived space, but also make it challenging to obscure the back-of-house. To mask the warewashing station and storage area, we designed a floor-to-ceiling textured feature wall. Backlit shelves with ornamental displays punctuate the wall, visually reducing its mass. Wooden louvres line the display kitchen in the northeast corner, giving viewers a glimpse of the cookline yet screening just enough. In the southeast window, bar seating is strategically located to capture the attention of foot-traffic on the transit-center escalators.

Glass walls and limited partitions visually extend this small but seeming spacious location.