For close to two decades, we’ve delivered thoughtful, innovative architecture throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Founded in 1998 and located in San Francisco, WDA finds inspiration in the talented people who live and work in our city and the region’s embrace of sustainability. Our commitment to a culture that fosters curiosity, collaboration, and innovation drives our success in projects across our residential, retail, and commercial practices.


WDA values the diverse interests and experience our employees bring to the workplace. Our growing team is constantly improving through mentorship, continuing education, and professional development. Our studio, strategically located at the intersection of local and regional transit, is just blocks from San Francisco’s arts, entertainment, shopping, and new technology zones. We are inspired by the history, vistas, food, and life of the city that surrounds us. Great ideas that lead to innovative architecture start in our studio.


Service is our top priority. From initial conversations to the completion of the punch list we strive to understand the unique needs of every client. This helps us deliver custom tailored design solutions that meet quality, schedule, and budget expectations. With decades of collective experience we draw from a deep reservoir of design talent, project management knowledge, technical expertise, and close working relationships with building professionals to help our clients achieve their goals. We put our creativity and experience to work for you.