“It’s all about maximizing flexibility,” explains our Residential Practice Manager, Jim Westover. “Life throws curveballs; someone might build an ADU to use as a home office, a gym, or a pool house, but then they may need it as an in-law unit,” he continues. “The ADUs we’ve done have that flexibility. We designed one that opens to the pool for entertaining but also functions as a private two-bedroom house for our client’s visiting parents.”

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Sustainability is a broad scope with a wide lens where, sometimes, the hardest but most important part to envision is the long term, multigenerational need for it. Designing a rural estate isn’t so different to planning for a camping trip. The first principle of Leave No Trace is to “Plan Ahead and Prepare”. It is the same process for architecture that seeks to touch the land lightly.

By Neil Ginty

Contributors: Jim Westover, Brenna Daugherty, Sarah Mergy