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Atherton Home Gym

A high-performance in-home gym that doubles as a pool house, built for a triathlete.

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Atherton, CA

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1,043 sf

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Jim Westover

The home gym has become a much-coveted feature of modern living. A thoughtfully-designed home gym can provide flexibility, privacy, less distraction, less germs and, most importantly, the opportunity for personal customization.

We designed a custom home gym and pool house for a triathlete in Atherton. Tucked discreetly into the landscape, the structure shares the same metal seam roof as the garage, rendering it invisible from the street and tying it to the existing traditional language of the main house. Two walls of lift-and-slide glass doors overlooking the pool and garden create a strong, intentional connection to the outside.

Inside, engineered white oak floors and ceiling exude naturalness and warmth. The kitchenette’s full-height white backsplash wraps around the wall with leading lines to the bathroom. Fitted with mosaic tiles, raven countertops and a steam shower, the dark sleek bathroom brings accent and balance to the sun-drenched space.

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