Menlo Park, CA     /

Menlo Residence

A luxurious home with a subtle, yet strong commitment to sustainable living.

Client    /

Wheeler Family

Type    /


Location    /

Menlo Park, CA

Size    /

5,350 sf

Project Lead    /

Jim Westover

Integrating high-end modern design and a commitment to green building, this new house makes use of an existing foundation to create dramatic living spaces that flow into the landscape.

The material palette includes COR-TEN steel, stained concrete mixed with fly-ash, and FinPly panels. Passive ventilation, radiant floors, solar hot water and photovoltaic power dramatically reduce energy use.

My son built a Lego model of what we wanted, and we showed it to him. A lot of that model ended up in the final place.

Jason Wheeler     /     Client
Credits     /
  • General Contractor: Baywest Builders
  • Structural Engineer: Julia Y. Chen Design
  • Lighting Designer: Revolver
  • Landscape Architect: SEAM Studios
  • Photographer: Lucas Fladzinski
  • Photographer: JD Peterson
  • Photographer: Jim Thompson