The Air France SFO Lounge Transformation: A Blend of Luxury and Modern Design


The Air France SFO Lounge Transformation: A Blend of Luxury and Modern Design

The Air France SFO lounge, last renovated over 15 years ago, has undergone a comprehensive makeover. We worked with Air France’s European design team, SGK, to completely transform the space. The rejuvenated lounge now features an abundance of amenities and a design that marries functionality with aesthetic elegance, embodying Air France’s commitment to offering and unapparelled lounge experience to its passengers.

New Layout for Enhanced Comfort

Working with the Client, we reimagined a lounge layout that marries style and practicality, featuring a fully equipped catering kitchen, a full-service bar, and six single-stall restrooms, with two offering shower facilities. The space is thoughtfully divided into distinct areas for lounging, dining, and a secluded VIP room exclusively for La Première passengers, ensuring every traveler finds their oasis of comfort.

Refined Palette That Speaks Volumes

We embraced Air France’s refined color scheme, combining neutral tones with vibrant pops of navy and red. Wooden casework and paneling infuse the space with warmth, while a harmonious blend of graphic lines and organic shapes creates a visually captivating environment. The ceiling design integrates slatted patterns with cloud-like forms, enhancing the perception of spatial height while discreetly concealing mechanical fixtures and offering acoustic noise mitigation.

Main Seating Area – After
Main Seating Area – Before

Architectural Elements That Tell a Story

Central to the lounge’s design is the curved bar, a destination that also serves as a visual connector between the main seating area and the VIP room. A decorative laser-cut claustra panel at the VIP entrance, adorned with the Air France winged logo, symbolizes a threshold to exclusivity. We marked a significant departure from the previous design, by inviting the outside world into the lounge’s serene confines through an infusion of natural light and expansive runway views.

Thoughtful Details Define the Space

We intricately wove together various materials and patterns to delineate spaces while maintaining an open concept layout. The classic chevron tile pattern at the check-in area and beneath the communal table in the dining area, along with built-in leather seating niches outlined with a ribbon of wood paneling not only help to define spaces but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. These design elements elevate the room and align seamlessly with Air France’s brand ethos.

Dining Area – After
Dining Area – Before

Commitment to Luxury and Compliance

To achieve the lounge’s luxurious ambiance, we sourced a meticulous selection of materials that not only met the aesthetic vision but also adhered to local codes and SFO’s stringent standards. This included procuring class A fire-rated materials with significant recycled content.  Our innovative solution to ‘float the monitors’ using lightweight aluminum frames, designed to comply with seismic codes, exemplifies the team’s dedication to merging design with functionality.

Integrating Technology with Design

The lounge incorporates cutting-edge technology to enhance the guest experience, offering self-serve kiosks and ample power and data ports throughout. For the lighting design, we selected a mix of recessed and sculptural pendant fixtures, which adds a layer of intimacy and warmth, further elevating the lounge’s ambiance.

Check-in After
Check-in Before

The Essence of Effortless Design

Our work on the collective vision for the Air France SFO lounge was to create a space that felt both streamlined and effortless, a sanctuary that reflects the airline’s heritage of luxury and refinement. The result is a lounge that not only meets the practical needs of travelers but also transports them into a world of aesthetic delight and comfort, setting a new benchmark for airport lounges.

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By Wendy Osaki

Contributors: Alli Foronda, Jonathan Tsurui, Sarah Mergy, William Duff