San Francisco, CA     /

1275 Folsom

A neglected industrial warehouse takes on new life as a modern architectural studio.

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William Duff Architects

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San Francisco, CA

Size    /

7,200 sf

Project Lead    /

David K. Plotkin

Our new office, located in San Francisco’s SoMa District, embodies the modern design and sustainable approach we strive for in all our projects.

Formerly a manufacturing facility, the adaptive reuse space takes on new life as an architectural workshop that promotes creativity, collaboration, and unity. The open floor plan features ample work and meeting areas, wellness and break rooms and a rear deck to further connect with the outdoors.

The kitchen features cabinet surrounds of reclaimed wood from the project site and contrasting black marble surfaces. Sandblasted bowstring trusses and a large, centrally located tree add warmth and natural elements to the space. A black statement staircase and neutral color palette keep the aesthetic clean and modern.

Your team had many great ideas, and repurposing materials was one of them. We salvaged a lot of the existing mezzanine framing joists to reuse at the mezzanine infill and extension. These joists were also used to create cabinetry and countertops that turned out beautifully.

Ben Au     /     Principal at Holmes Structures
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