Local Kitchens
Multiple Locations

We are working with Local Food Group (LFG) to design multiple locations for their pioneering digital food hall concept, Local Kitchens. On a fast-track schedule, we worked closely with our client and consultants to complete the first location in under 6 months. We started with an identity study for LFG to visualize their ideal location and then developed a base typical layout and program that can be used for feasibility review of future sites. Each location is designed with a welcoming front of house that serves multiple users, including couriers, walk-ins and pre-order pickup. Indoor/outdoor relationships are played up to create a “buzzy” level of activity at each location. Directional wayfinding is integrated into the design through use of floor and wall graphics. The back of house for each Local Kitchen location features efficient food prep, cook-line, storage and wash stations, designed to create the optimal shared kitchen environment for each partner’s menu items to be faithfully executed.