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Kaiyo Restaurant

Blending vibrant Peruvian flair with serene Japanese simplicity for a unique dining experience.

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Brick x Brick Hospitality

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San Francisco, CA

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1,927 sf

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Jonathan Tsurui

Kaiyo Restaurant combines the intricate cultures of Japan and Peru to create a distinctive Nikkei dining experience. In close collaboration with our client, we designed a space that marries vibrant Peruvian textiles with the minimalist aesthetics of Japanese wood.

The entrance features a textured wood board treatment, inspired by Shou Sugi Ban—a traditional Japanese technique—that sets the tone for the unique aesthetic journey ahead.

The interior unfolds with a lively palette of colors and textiles, evoking the vibrant spirit of Peru, paired with the understated elegance of Japanese wood. This combination creates a dynamic yet inviting dining atmosphere. The space is centered around the main bar and sushi bar, both framed by a delicate, wood screen that draws on Japanese influences, serving as a central design feature.

Toward the rear, the private dining room presents a modern interpretation of a Japanese geisha room, with moody lighting and red walls accented by mural art and laser-cut wood fans. This distinct area contrasts with the vibrant dining space, offering a secluded retreat that complements the lively main area.

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